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Short Term Finance

Mango Credit has operated as a short term commercial lender for over 15 years and is committed to offering a range of flexible short term lending solutions.

Our core products are short term finance loans for business and investment purposes. Funds are private, settlements are performed electronically and decision makers are on hand for every enquiry resulting in exceptionally rapid approvals and settlements.

Short Term Finance Features

  1. Provides liquidity and financial stability to an enterprise
  2. Quicker loan approvals
  3. No financials or credit check
  4. Fewer restrictions on the usage of the loan
  5. Lower interests rates for more saving
  6. 2 hour approval, 72 hour settlement from valuation

Basic Terms for Short Term Loans

AMOUNTS $20,000 to $500,000 plus
TERMS 2 to 12 months
RATES Start at very competitive rates per month
INTEREST Paid in advance or arrears
LOCALE Metropolitan and country areas Australia wide
SECURITY Commercial, residential and rural security considered
VALUATIONS An independent valuation may be required
LVR Loan to value ratios up to 75% are considered
BROKERAGE Amount to be provided by brokers at time of application

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