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The Four Major Factors Assessed in Obtaining a Caveat Loan

Caveat and Bridging Finance Australia and Overseas

Mango Credit provides caveat loans, second or first mortgages and bridging loansin Australia and overseas. When applying for a caveat loan with us we assess four major factors before granting your loan. They are as follows:

1. Your Equity in the Property

Commercial, residential and rural properties are considered as collateral for bridging finance Australia wide.

2. Valuation of the Property

All properties offered for security purposes must meet our valuation requirements.

At Mango Credit, we take into consideration the property valuation, and the current loan statement on the property.

3. Insurances are Required for a Caveat or Bridging Loan Australia Wide and Overseas

Insurances on the property must be current in order to obtain a caveat loan or bridging loan.

4. Proposed Loan Amount

The amount and time period of the loan is taken into consideration.

Mango Credit will assess all enquiries from within Australia and overseas for caveat and bridging loans Australia. We provide caveat and bridging finance Australia wide approvals in just two hours.Settlement occurs within just 72 hours from the time of valuation.

When taking out second mortgages or bridging loans Australia wide and overseas, our loan amounts are from as little as $10,000 up to $500,000. Contact US today!